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Final Fantasy VII Intermission (Takes and Outtakes)

Hey everyone, I am so happy with the reception that our "FFVII Intermission" video received

Some people were interested in seeing the rest of the takes and outakes, so I thought I would release them all in a single compiled video file. Professionally shot in 4k (3840 x 2160) resolution totalling over 30 minutes worth of footage.

For those who cannot support I hope you enjoy this short trailer above, and for those who do purchase will receive a digital download link usually within 24 hours).

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Dante Shower Photoset (108 HD Photos)

Please remain calm...the set is now available :D
Actually this is my very first lewd set I have ever done, we had quiet a lot of fun to be honest shooting it :)
You will receive a download link to  108 HD photos in total, shot professionally on a Sony A7R2 camera
Lots of flesh, water, gloves and butt, (no frontal exposure)

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Final Fantasy VII Cosplay at Saint Dunstan Photoset (85 HD Photos)

I have finally put together a MASSIVE and GORGEOUS photo set for you all

Final Fantasy VII Photoset at Saint Dunstans

You will receive a download link to 85 incredible HD images shot on a pro mirrorless camera (Sony A7R2)
So much unseen footage in here and im so excited to bring it all to you ^^

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Dante Cosplay Photoset (196 HD Photos)

Huge photoset of my Dante in Full cosplay

A mix of DMC Reboot outfit
DMC3 Dante's Hair
DMC4 Nero's Red Queen

The Red Queen is the biggest part of this cosplay taking me around 3 months in total to make (over the period of around a year)
Thought I would release this set in full for anyone that wanted to see all the unreleased goodies!!!

You will receive a download link to 196 HD photos in total, shot professionally on a Sony A7R2 camera

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2019.11.12   22.59.22 converted.jpg

Cloud Strife Photoset 1 (24 HD Photos)

You've asked for it!
So im delivering lol
Here you go everyone ^^
My Cloud Strife set is up for grabs finally

You will receive a download link to 24 HD Photos in total shot professionally in my studio (12 topless shots and another 12 full cosplay shots)

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combined converted.jpg

Sports Photoset (20 HD Photos)

Sports digital photoset showing off my figure after loosing 30 pounds, really proud of my progress so I thought I would share it with you ;) No nudity in this one but just trying this out as its my first post here ^^

You will receive a download link to 20 HD Photos professionally shot in my studio

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